Zoomer Power Chair for Sale


Taking it along couldn’t be easier. Simply pull the release cable to unlatch and raise the Zoomer in one fluid motion. It automatically locks open.

Now have a seat and you’re ready to Zoomer Power Chair to anywhere. Lever Control Model. Joy Stick Toggle Control Model. Upgraded from the lever model.

Product Details

Zoomer Power Chair | The Perfect Personal Electric Vehicle

The Zoomer Power Chair is lightweight, portable chair that folds to 10′ and loads easily into your car’s trunk or back seat.

The lightweight, collapsible chair comes fully assembled with a lower basket. Because we understand that different people have different mobility, we created this chair to easily move around with an easy-to-use joy stick.

All aluminum components are anodized in bright satin silver. Each Zoomer includes one Li-ion 6.6 AH removable Battery Pack and Charger. The steel mesh basket can remain in the Zoomer even when folded.

While the Zoomer Power Chair is only sold with arm rails, they can be easily removed if your do not wish to use them (simple instructions and the appropriate allen wrenches are included with your purchase.) The Zoomer weighs 47 lbs. with the battery and folds to 10 inches.

Big Advantages Over Portable Scooters

There’s nothing else like it! Fold-able and with a small battery pack that will allow you to drive across town and into your local cafe with confidence knowing Zoomer Power Chair will easily fit into any environment or narrow places. High autonomy battery will allow you to enjoy shopping and do whatever you want. Above all, the Zoomer Power Chair is the mobility device of the future.

Comes Fully Assembled

Limited One Year Warranty

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Height 35 in.
Arm Rails Height 25 in.
Length 31 in.
Width 25 in.
Weight Capacity 275 lb.
Folded Height 10 in.
Folded Length 36 in.
Folded Width 25 in.
Speed 0-6 mph
Reverse Speed 1 mph
Motor DC 36V, 250W, 7A
Max Incline Angle 10?
Turning Radius 24 in.
Key Lock Yes
Hand Controls No
Joy Stick Controls Yes
Swivel Away Footrest Equipped
Non-marking Tires Equipped
  • The Zinger operates best in dry conditions on level ground and is unhindered by grass or gaps in the surface that are under two inches.
  • Folding and unfolding the Zinger is easy! Just pull the release cable and it folds down or up with no additional assembly required.
  • Driving the Zinger is easy and fun. Push both levers down to go, pull both levers up to stop or use alternate lever actions to turn. There are three speed settings, plus reverse.
  • Provides great control even at fast speeds and offers excellent stability even on rough terrain
  • Folding and unfolding takes only a few seconds and the Zinger fits where other chairs can't.
  • All Zingers use a breathable, honeycomb mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable, even on longer rides.
  • Whether indoors or out, Zinger's powerful motor and multi-terrain wheels get you where you need to go.
  • The Control System is easy to learn and simple to use. 3 forward speed settings range from Slow for indoor use up to Fast for traveling outdoors at up to 6 mph, plus a Reverse mode.
  • Buttons controlling Power, Speed Range, and Reverse, all with matching indicators, make using your Zinger extremely easy.


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