Voltage Transformer 2000 Watts Rental

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Product Details

About Voltage Transformer

Our transformers are for hire to incoming UK visitors here on holiday vacation as their electricity is 240 volts and our voltage is 110 volts.

These transformers are commercial grade 800 watt transformers and are to be used to recharge batteries in power wheelchairs, battery powered electric carts (ECV Scooters) and other medical equipment.

The Voltage Transformer TC-2000 Step Up/Step Down Transformer allows you convert 2,000W-rated lights or other appliances that run on 110-120VAC service, to run on 220-240VAC current.

Conversely, you can run 2,000W units made for 220-240VAC current on 110-120VAC mains power through the transformer. The unit has high-capacity shock-proof sockets for North American three-prong plugs and European plugs.

An LED indicator shows when power is flowing and two spare fuses are included.

Note: PLEASE BRING YOUR CHARGER. Our Commercial Transformers will NOT work without the charger.

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Product Specifications

  • Up/down transformer converts 220-240 volts down step to 110-120 volts or 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts. 2000 watts
  • Four input voltages selectable: 110v/200v/220v/240v
  • All range fuse protection with two spare fuses included
  • Safety break switch to power on and protect from electric shock Two outlets for output in the front
  • Two outlets for output in the front


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