Bariatric patients face many challenges with being mobile. It is important to have high quality, heavy duty mobility wheelchair van rentals to aid these patients. Bariatric wheelchair van for rent, Our full size wheelchair vans are outfitted with high capacity lifts designed to accommodate overweight and obese patients. They feature large lift platforms with plenty of room to comfortably load larger size wheelchairs and scooters.  A rental bariatric wheelchair van is designed for the comfort of the overweight patient and can support weights up to of 800 pounds.

Scooters are also available to rent from several local sources for bariatric patients who need mobility support. Electric powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Caregivers increasingly encounter persons of size in all clinical settings. The need for bariatric patient care can occur in specialized bariatric units, such as Weight Loss Surgical Programs, or be integrated among general or critical care areas, including emergency departments, operating rooms, medical-surgical units, labor and delivery areas and long term care.

Care of bariatric patients presents challenges related to promotion of dignity, respect and comfort. Patients’ medical conditions and physical limitations often limit their ability to function in such activities of daily living as hygiene, mobility and positioning. How mobile the patient is will dictate the type and amount of assistance needed.

Transporting and lifting bariatric patients is not only difficult for the patient and caregiver, but can also be dangerous. With obesity on the rise and patients getting larger, it is much more difficult to move larger patients around. Without a trained patient lift team to assist moving a bariatric, bed ridden patient, a patient lift, also referred to as a hoyer lift, is a vital piece of equipment to have. Hoyer lifts can be both manual and electric. They both can replace most of the effort needed to transport bariatric patients. A basic lift can lift a patient up to 400 pounds whereas a super heavy-duty constructed lift can hold up to 800 pounds. Using these lifts can help avoid potential injury to a caregiver by giving them stability and security with every patient move.




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